by Chris Burrink

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    This album is an expression of my heart to our newborn son, Tenor Jaxson. It is also the simultaneous expression of my Heavenly Father's heart to me.
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This album is an expression of my heart to our newborn son, Tenor Jaxson. It is also the simultaneous expression of my Heavenly Father's heart to me.

Tim Peerson (grandpa) made the awesome cover art :)

Tenor. You are a precious miracle. You have been created for this time and this place. You were made to be loved and to love others. For many, love has only been like a dream. But your name means "to hold," and you are going to lay hold of, and play in, a Love that many have only dreamed about.

We welcome you with music, Tenor…this world is your playground! :)

Here’s a little more about each song:

1. Playground:
This song is a celebration. It welcomes my son into the world, and it also welcomes anyone else who is ready and willing to TRULY start living in the beautiful Here & Now.

Whether you are new to the world or simply ready to start fresh— WELCOME! It's time to PLAY!

2. Miracles:
When I think about how much beauty is here with us now, I can't help but think about how much beauty we pass by. We lose something precious when we go on our invisible quests searching for a "more" that will never arrive. This song is about taking a break from these quests. I think we all just need to slow down a bit, take some deep breaths, and start to discover the treasure hidden in plain sight. Miracles truly surround us!

3. My Glory:
This song is about how my child means everything to me. It's about how I would gladly give him everything I have. One look at him and the desire for my own glory crumbles. He is my glory and he embodies everything that I am. Nothing could ever compete with my desire to just be with him. I believe this is the heart of our Father in Heaven, and it is also the heart of this father.

4. Thank You:
This song is an expression of thanks and appreciation for all that I have and have been given. I’m truly happy to be alive and to be free. I’m thankful for the work and sacrifices of others which have built the foundation on which I stand. Every day, I’m astonished at the amazing love I get to experience with my beautiful wife, Diana, and I’m overwhelmed with joy when I think about our precious new Gift. We live in a beautiful world with beautiful people. Life, joy and thanksgiving truly do emerge from death, pain and struggle. For this resurrection Life I’m grateful.

5. Arms of Love:
Tenor, it's alright to doubt, to fear, to try new things, to look like a fool, to take certain risks and it's alright if you fail. Know that if you're not making mistakes, well, then you're probably making a mistake. I will be right here loving you no matter what you do or don't do. You are precious to me.

6. It's Time To:
This song is about letting go and getting free of our need to be right. It tests the limits of extreme ideologies that would have us value our beliefs more than we value our relationships.

I think that most of us have been impacted by this thinking to some degree. We can see the consequences of it's extreme methods in religion, politics, business, and in our closest relationships. We use harsh methods to defend ourselves and to prove ourselves, and many of us will cling to our side of the discussion long enough to lose something precious.

I don't think Love cares too much about being right, joining the right club, or having the answers. I believe Love is more about letting go and risking a piece of ourselves in order to get to know each other in more meaningful ways. We can absorb hurts and pain when we let go of our need to be right, and we can refuse to pass this hurt on to others. I believe this is what Christ's message is all about.

7. Let Me In:
This song is for anyone who is ready and willing to break out from behind their invisible walls of self-preservation. It’s risky to expose ourselves and trust again after we've been hurt, but what if there was treasure that was worth the risk? I believe there’s hope for healing and closer relationships, and this song is meant to inspire the one who’s almost willing to begin the risky, painful process of exposing their true self.

Let's face it together. Come and live again.

8. Waiting:
This comes from John 14:2.

9. You're Here:
NOW is the time. This is the moment where we can be fully alive. This is where the REAL party is taking place.

10. Stop Motion (revised):
This is for when life is moving faster than you can. It’s for when life starts to swirl around you and you can only focus on one random frame at a time.

11. Everything to Me:
Words cannot express how much you mean to me, so this song is made up of voices without words.

12. Found You:
Love was never meant to be a trophy, and contrary to popular belief, I don't believe love is something that we find at the end of a chase. I believe Love is the light here, now, that causes us to see others. It can be found whenever we care enough to consider others. This song is about finding others.

Thank you for being a part of this celebration with us! To get in touch with me, just visit:


released 26 July 2013

Chris created and produced the music, Diana offered a fresh pair of ears & helped with mixing, and Tim Peerson (grandpa) imagined & created the cover art :)

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